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Monday Portrait Session

In an attempt to broaden and expand my photography I have given myself a new photography project. Portraiture.

I have been spending most of my time out in the field, which I love, photographing trees, plants, flowers, seed pods and landscapes. This kind of image making it’s very much about my engagement with nature and with the beauty that fills my every day if I care to find it and see it. And of course capture it. Capturing my vision of my world.

There is no doubt that this engagement brings me a sense of peace as I explore and delve into the natural world. But what about people! I so rarely photograph people, in fact I’ve been avoiding having people in my shots, mostly, although not entirely. This project, my people project attempts to capture some quality, an inner essence of the people I photograph. I am revisiting a very different relationship, that between me as the photographer and my subject the person who has agreed to be photographed. I am curious what will unfold over the coming weeks as I delve into another natural world. These are some of the people in my life.








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